AutoWild is proud to announce its SC and SCAT self propelled, powered crane with lift capacity to 6,000 pounds, up to 22 feet for safe, efficient shop and field applications in a multitude of agricultural handling, manipulation, maintenance and support operations.


  • Self propelled convenience.
  • Power functions include: Boom lift, lower, Boom extend, retract and load compensation extension, retraction.
  • All functions are pushbutton controlled on a convenient wearable pendant for safe, efficient single person operation.
  • Exclusive electronic/hydraulic control systems provide precise operation for lifting or lowering expensive awkward, heavy work pieces into tight, restricted areas during assembly operations. 

SC Series utility crane lifts 6,000 pounds at 13 feet above grade with battery electric power/hydraulic systems. All functions are speed controlled for picking and placing in tight places. Self-propelled system with automatic parking brakes and flashing beacon for safe operation. 

SCAT series mobile all-terrain cranes lift 5,200 pounds to 22 feet above grade with choice of diesel engine or battery electric. Unique hydraulic all-wheel drive with weather protected covers and flashing beacon for safe line operation. 

Available options (all models) include: cable hoists, powered multi directional manipulators, vacuum cups, electromagnetic pick/place systems and ergonomic float type tool balancer

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