It might look like a stealth bomber landed on your lawn, but what you’re seeing here is a solar-powered Batmobile-styled lawnmower that will make your neighbor’s old-school, manually operated piece of junk look like relic from a bygone era. 

Husqvarna’s droid, dubbed the Automower Solar Hybrid, packs in a bunch of technologies that strike a chord with every self-respecting geek out there. 

For starters, it’s got a bunch of sensors hooked up to its central processor that help interpret terrain configuration and avoid obstacles. Slopes up to 35 percent, you say? Not a problem for this little fellow… Needless to say, you can program for your own routes and terrain types and adjust cutting height anytime using a large knob.

It runs on electricity, a major win with eco-friendly types who have made it their life’s mission to replace everything gas-emitting with green counterparts. The lawnmower draws electricity from a built-in NiMH battery that provides enough juice for one-hour of operation.

The best part though is that it sports an integrated solar panel as well, allowing it to recharge the battery during operation and extend run time. And when it’s about to run out of juice, the $3,000 Automower Solar Hybrid is clever enough to find its way home, back to the charging station.

And because its electrically-charged engine generates far less noise than a typical diesel engine, your neighbors will learn to appreciate your Sunday mowing sessions. Plus, your kids can always pretend they have an Optimus Prime’s offspring in their garden.

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