Bob-Cat has announced the introduction of its first stand-on mower, the Bob-Cat QuickCat. Featuring an ergonomic and nimble design that places the platform close to the drive axles, the QuickCat reduces vibration and rider fatigue to provide commercial operators and large-acreage homeowners with all-day comfort, stability and proven BOB-CAT performance. 

“We’ve often had customers ask us when we would bring out a stand-on model,” said company President and COO Pat Cappucci. “We didn’t want to respond until we were ready with something that truly met BOB-CAT’s standards for durability, quality of cut and ease of ownership. We’ve more than achieved that goal with the QuickCat.”

The new QuickCat was designed to deliver exceptional performance as a primary mower or to be an ideal complement to a fleet of BOB-CAT  zero-turn radius (ZTR) mowers.

QuickCat comfort and performance features include:

  • 8 mph mowing speed and 10.5 mph transport speed
  • Optimal operator station placement for excellent center of mass stability
  • Extra-large drive tires for a smoother ride and better traction
  • Low placement of the fuel tank for improved balance on uneven

  •  ground
  • Large 6.5-gallon fuel tank for all-day mowing without refueling
  • Compact size for nimble maneuvering in tight spaces and loading on trailers
  • True floating deck improves cut quality and maintenance
  • Extra ground clearance to safely move on and off high curbs
  • Extra-strong DuraDeck™ mower deck, backed by a limited lifetime warranty

For further information on QuickCat and other BOB-CAT models, call BOB-CAT Customer Service at 866-469-1242 or visit