BOLZANO, Italy — Updated to the latest and highest standards, the Seppi M. line of small and medium hydraulically driven forestry mulchers achieve the Seppi M. goal:  More power, longer life and more productivity. 

Taking the best qualities from the successful Miniforst and Midiforst skid steer mulchers, the new Seppi M. Miniforst cl sets a new standard. It offers a low, compact design (cl designates compact loader). The Seppi M. Miniforst cl is equipped with a standard SAE interface, and is suitable for any skid steer with available hydraulic flow between 50 and 140 l/min.

This versatile mulcher is available with several hydraulic motor options. The most powerful and efficient of which, the variable displacement M-Boost motor, offers 40% more torque than standard motors. A high-flow circuit is recommended.

With a new generation, patented, aggressive rotor and efficient Mini Duo tungsten carbide tipped hammers, the Miniforst cl can mulch wood and brush to 15 centimers in diameter (about 6 inches), at working speeds up to 5 km/hr.

A strong frame, made of wear resistant steel, heavy duty belt cover, well protected hydraulic cylinder and protection chains all assure a long working life.

The highly productive, exposed rotor working in concert with five rows of tempered counter cutters provide perfect mulching results.

With working widths of 150, 175 and 200 centimeters (59 inches, 69 inches and 79 inches), the Seppi Mi. Miniforst cl  is available with a mechanical guard frame for felling operations and other optional features.

Suitable for various applications in forestry, agriculture and greenspace maintenance, the stronger, more powerful Seppi M. Midiforst mt is suitable for hydraulic systems with 110–200 l/min oil flow. 

Fitted with efficient Mini Duo tungsten carbide tipped hammers, the Seppi M. Midiforst mt can efficiently mulch and shred wood to 30 centimeters in diameter. 

Available with mechanical and hydraulic guard frames for felling operations and to protect the tractor, the Seppi M. Midiforst mt is available in working widths of 150 and 175 centimeters (59 and 69 inches). It comes standard with universal attachment interface and  other optional features available.


  • Land clearing in the oil and gas industry 
  • Maintaining of power and communication lines
  • Improve arable fields and other land
  • Vegetation management
  • Clearing forests after harvesting wood
  • Right-of-way clearing and much more