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CDS-John Blue Co.


Booth: 815/16 in Pavilion

CDS-John Blue Co. is pleased to introduce the new Liquid Blockage Monitor System (LBMS). Now growers can know their liquid application flow from the cab of their tractor. Our patented system shows both low-flow and no-flow problems now. Problems can be corrected immediately before yields are diminished, costing valuable time and money. The CDS-John Blue LBMS uses magnetic sensing technology mounted behind the CDS-John Blue VisaGage II Flow Monitors. The operator is alerted with an audible alarm and visual display when the ball and flow in an individual row has dropped below a selected level. A flashing LED light will highlight each row with a distribution problem. The wireless Premium System will also display high flow for broken lines.




Booth: 3043 in South Wing C

The Saritor 4000/5000 is a new generation of Saritor with 4WD hydrostatic transmission delivers power, performance and application precision from pump to nozzle. Saritor sets new standards in row-crop and broad-acre spraying, and is Hardi-built from the ground up. Saritor provides the highest level of operator efficiency, comfort and control. Features include: 1100- or 1300-gallon capacity, Cummins QSB 6.7L 275 Horsepower engine, 54-inch ground clearance, Terra Force boom widths in 88-132 feet and optional Alu Force aluminum boom widths in 120-132 feet, hydraulic track width adjust from120-157.5 inches, air ride suspension, DynamicFluid4 fluid system and Hydrostatic 4WD transmission.


Precision Planting


Booth: 428B-G in North Wing; 917B-D & 918B-D in South Wing B

FieldView is the HD-mapping, take-anywhere, accessible and actionable tool for your fields. Operating remotely and securely in the Cloud, all of your maps, yield comparisons, test results and more are there. But data alone can’t drive decisions. Above all, FieldView is about making connections. With the SplitView feature, you can view yield and hybrid choice side by side and see what actions cause what reactions. With the RemoteView feature, you can see multiple tractors or combines in the field, no matter where you are, for farm management on the go. Plus, everyone is connected wirelessly, so anyone you want can be in the know. Make the connection today.


CFC Distributors


Booth: 5067 in West Wing

The best Vertical Tillage blade on the market today is the Vortex coulter from CFC Distributors. These blades can be used to create your own vertical tillage machine or put the life back into an existing machine. The Vortex Vertical Tillage blades do a great job cutting residue but also move enough dirt to cover that residue. The Vortex coulter is available in both standard and concave (CIH 330) versions and made from super tough Boron steel by the premier blade manufacturer in the world, Bellota.


Micro-Trak Systems Inc.


Booth: 414F/G North Wing

New for 2015, the SafeGuard Blockage Monitor electronically detects blockages and alerts you with an Audible Alarm and a Visual Display of the blocked row's number. Now with ISOBUS compatibility, the SafeGuard ISOmod allows an existing Virtual Terminal to display blockage information that would otherwise be displayed on a SafeGuard console. Bring state-of-the-art blockage monitoring to your Virtual Terminal system. Reduce over and under-application, save money, and apply liquid product with confidence without having to watch flow monitors or outlets.


Kuhn Krause Inc.


Booth: 1026 in South Wing A
Phone: 620-663-6161

Kuhn Krause Inc. is pleased to announce the introduction of the new Dominator 4855, which incorporates several product improvements to enhance the performance and reliability customers expect from this primary tillage machine. New Cat III, IV or V double-bolt cast clevis, featuring a flexible ball-type center, is available. Improved walking beams feature 360/65R x 17.5 mainframe transport tires, standard on 11 and 13 shank machines, provide durability and reliability in transport. Rear disc conditioner blades incorporate a new maintenance-free angular contact bearing assembly with a 5-bolt blade-mounting pattern for ease of maintenance. The new heavy-duty 24/7 round bar reel features maintenance-free bearings mounted on heavy-duty ductile cast-bearing arms. The Dominator 4855 is offered in 7, 9, 11 and 13 shank models.


Calmer Corn Heads


Booth: 416D/E in North Wing

One of the most important components in a corn head is the quality and performance of the stalk rolls. The Calmer BT Chopper stalk rolls have a revolving window in combination with 10 razor-sharp knives. The result is that the stalk stays vertical by being received in the feeding chamber (window), and engages with the 10 razor-sharp blades. These blades turn your tough Bt stalks into small, chopped, cut, shredded and sheared residue that will decompose more quickly. Available as an upgrade on JD 40, 90, 600, CNH 2200, 2400, 96c, 98c, 996 series corn heads, and all new Calmer-manufactured corn heads.


McFarlane Mfg. Co.


Booth: 4009 in North Wing

McFarlane Mfg. Co. is taking the industry by storm again by bringing you the first ever Universal Tillage tool on the market, the Incite 5000 Series. It provides the flexibility to adjust to different soil types and conditions from field-to-field and year-to-year. The versatility of this tool allows the operator to accomplish in a single pass what once would take multiple passes with different machines. With working widths from 14-40 feet, the Incite is loaded with innovative, user-friendly design features, such as the Universal Tillage selector that allows for on-the-go hydraulic adjustment of disc gang angles.


May Wes Mfg.


Booth: 647/49/51/53 in West Hall
Phone: 800-788-6483

May Wes Mfg. re-engineered their popular Quick Disconnect Stalk Stomper and took corn stalk leveling to a new level with the Quick Disconnect 2. New features include a self-contained lock pin so there are no loose parts, a Chain Sleeve to protect from binding and debris buildup, adjustable spring for changing height and down pressure, and a toolbar mount bracket that supports operating and transport positions. Kits are available for: John Deere 600, 90/40; Case IH 2600/4200/4400, 2200/2400/3200/3400, 900/1000; New Holland 99C/980, 96C/96D/98D/996; Drago; Geringhoff Elite, XL, Horizon; Lexion; AGCO, Massey, Gleaner & Challenger; Harvestec 5000/6000; Fantini; and Capello.


Poly Tech Industries Inc.


Booth: 3007 in South Wing C
Phone: 800-542-7659

Protect your tracks or tires from today’s tougher hybrid stalks. Poly Tech developed the Stubble Striker to be the lightest unit on the market. At 22 pounds per row, they are 50-60% lighter than other models. The Stubble Striker features a 10-inch wide by ½-inch thick Poly Last UHMW shoe mounted to a flexible spring and brackets using simple pin locations and polyurethane bumpers for easy height adjustment. The shoe assembly easily flips up for transport.


Ferris - Briggs & Stratton Co.


Booth: 2005A in East Hall

With the addition of two new models featuring a Briggs & Stratton Vanguard 810cc engine with EFI, the Ferris IS 2100Z mid-frame zero turn now offers eight models from which landscapers and homeowners can choose. The 28-gross hp1 Vanguard 810cc engine is available with either a 52-inch or 61-inch iCD Cutting System. Features common to all IS 2100Z zero turn models include: Patented suspension system with rear coil-over-shocks and front independent adjustable shocks for enhanced productivity; hydro-gear ZT-4400 commercial transaxles that are fully serviceable and deliver power and durability; pillow block bearings that offer smooth, precision controls; cast-iron, greasable spindles for long life; 24-inch drive tires; 11-gallon fuel tank; and up to 10 mph forward speed.


Art’s Way Mfg.


Booth: 5055 in West Wing

Art's Way Mfg. introduces new models of its popular Portable Grinder Mixer with 140-bushel capacity tank, H Series Roda Spreader with 16-foot capacity box and the new 24-foot Forage Box at the 2015 National Farm Machinery Show. Choose from Portable Hammermills or Rollermills with tank capacities of up to 165 bushels. Our rugged and tough Roda Spreader series come with vertical or horizontal beater options and up to 24-foot high-capacity boxes. Forage boxes provide high-capacity harvesting with box options from 16-24 feet. Stop by our booth at the National Farm Machinery Show, and literally kick the tires!


Versatile - Buhler Industries Inc.


Booth: 4024, 402E-I in North Wing; 8034 in Pavilion

The Versatile MFWD tractors are industry-leading, full-featured tractors with almost 20 years of field-proven performance. Available with 260, 290 or 310 Horsepower, the Versatile MFWD tractors are powered by the Cummins QSL9 engine that delivers a combination of power, economy and performance. The Cummins QSL engine is matched to a smooth-shifting power-shift transmission that has 16 forward and 9 reverse speeds with operator programmable features designed to match your work requirements. Finger-tip electro-hydraulics with the optional Hi-Flow hydraulics package deliver 75 GPM (284 L/min) to meet the demands of modern implements.


Schulte Industries


Booth: 5048 in West Wing
Phone: 800-404-6044

Featuring the FX-318 Blue Grass Edition Rotary Cutter. To be introduced at the National Farm Machinery Show, this mulching cutter was specially designed for the thoroughbred horse farm market but can be used wherever you need a consistent, even cut without windrowing. The specially designed baffle system and double-shredder blades offer superior mulching that virtually eliminates windrowing, and incorporate clippings below the grass canopy, not on top of it, so there’s less chance of horses consuming moldy cuttings. It’s 18 feet wide compared to the 15-foot competitive mowers with same Horsepower, letting you cut more with the same number of passes. It was tested last year at Keeneland Horse Track in Lexington, Ky., home of the 2015 Breeder’s Cup. An ultra-narrow transport width makes moving this unit extremely safe and simple. The easy-clean 7-gauge domed deck sheds water and debris, increasing deck life.




Booth: 3025 in South Wing C

Horsch has expanded the offering of the Maestro to include a 40-foot toolbar version. The planter has different row spacing options — 16 rows at 30 inches or 24 rows at 20 inches, and a splitter option. It builds upon the proven line of the Maestro, which was previously only available on a 60-foot bar with a row spacing of 30 inches. Key features of the Maestro remain an integral part of the new toolbar option, including electric drive motors, hydraulic down pressure and a weight transfer system. The 40-foot toolbar version of the Maestro is available with 80 bushels of seed and 780 gallons of liquid fertilizer capacity.


Blu-Jet - Thurston Mfg. Co.


Booth: 9016 in South Wing B
Contact: Laci Fitch,

Blu-Jet’s newest All Terrain Liquid Injection Side Dress Applicator, AT4020, provides a unique user experience based upon maximizing efficiencies in fertilizer and labor, while minimizing costs in maintenance and downtime. With working widths up to 66 feet, tank sizes up to 2,000 gallons, and a fully integrated Plug and Apply ISOBUS control system, it meets the demands of today’s top producers. Add in the narrowest transport width and height in the industry, unparalleled ease-of-use, and our industry renowned 5-year frame warranty, and the AT4020 transcends current competitive models to bring growers an unparalleled operating experience.




Booth: 5060 in West Wing

The new XLB10 grain bag loader from Loftness holds 10-foot-diameter grain bags up to 500 feet long, unlike standard loaders that only fit 300-foot-long bags. The XLB10 also comes with a remote-controlled jib crane and trolley system, as well as a bag-loading apron, to reduce the amount of labor needed to install bags on the unit. Other new features include transport wheels, easy-access platforms and a grain sampling port. The XLB10 loads grain bags at a rate of 30,000 bushels per hour and offers thick steel construction for long-lasting, reliable performance.


A&I Products


Booth: 111/12 in South Wing A; 679/81/83/85/87/89/91 West Hall

A&I Products offers the world’s most complete selection of Ag, Turf and Industrial Products with over 160,000 part numbers available from 13 different North American warehouses. A&I consistently continues to add to the product offering. Now available are 16 new F-Series seats. Options include mechanical or air suspension as well as slide track versions. These ergonomic seats are available in black or gray cloth or black or gray vinyl. Fitted with headrests and armrests as well as several accessories, the A&I Products F-Series seats are an ideal solution for cab and open station comfort at affordable prices.


Daugherty Companies


Booth: 116/17 in South Wing A

The Daugherty Companies introduces the Vanguard Visu-Flo System, new for 2015! Replace floating balls and inaccurate monitors with the all-new Vanguard Visu-Flo. Our unique flowmeter design for each row gives precise information on a large 7-inch color touch screen as well as bar graphs that show relative flow from one row to another. The Vanguard 4000 Series may be used for seed and/or flow and comes in models ranging up to 36 rows. The system can be programmed for two separate flow rates on the same machine giving the operator the ability to use half-rate nozzles or other flow variations in addition to seeding rate. Choose from a full population model VM-4600 that provides seeds per acre and GPA, or the more economical model VM-4200/VM-4400 that gives seeds per second and GPM readings. All models give unmatched performance and peace of mind knowing that seeding and application rates are uniform and accurate.


S.I. Distributing


Booth: 8004 in Pavilion

Manage your row cleaner performance from the cab, on the go, with CleanSweep from S.I. Distributing. The dual air cylinder allows you to set and adjust row cleaner down pressure from the cab. Add more pressure to sweep away heavy residue or lighten the pressure to keep the row cleaner floating across the top of the soil in light residue or soft ground. The CleanSweep system includes air cylinders, air tank, compressor and controller. You set the pounds of pressure from the control box mounted in your cab.




Booth: 901G in South Wing B
Phone: 866-526-5682

New for 2015, Lankota announces an offset planter hitch for John Deere 1700 series two-point planters. This heavy-duty hitch easily mounts to the existing planter drawbar and allows the operator to drive between the stubble rows by offsetting the path of the planter by 7½ inches or 15 inches to avoid damage to tractor tires. Once installed, this hitch allows tool-free adjustments and also has normal position for switching back to the factory setting. Lankota is also proud to announce the introduction of a two-point to draw-bar conversion hitch for both John Deere and Case planters. This hitch is manufactured by Schnell Industries of Manitoba, Canada, and is exclusively distributed by Lankota in the U.S. These and other innovative products can be seen at the Lankota website and purchased through authorized Lankota Dealers.


Ag Express Electronics Inc.


Booth: 44 in South Wing A
Phone: 765-533-4809

Wherever your precision agriculture is taking you, Ag Express can help you get there. We provide electronic service, applications, harnessing, interfacing, parts and systems for products by: Trimble, John Deere, Case IH, New Holland, AGCO, Auto Farm, Raven, DICKEY-john, Micro Trak and others. Monitor starter fertilizer with the Ag Express SFA32. This state-of-the-art integrated system consists of a display, precision flow meters, robust harnessing and mounting hardware. Features include: Color touch screen for ease of viewing and screen navigation, instant indication for each row (on target, low, high), GPA for each row, displays of both field and total gallons applied, monitoring up to 32 rows, display that will alarm user and turn the bar graph red anytime flow rate drops below 50% of rate, readout of MPH and acres, and bar graph for each row for ease of recognizing partial plugs and inaccurate applications.


Meridian Mfg.


Booth: 3005/06 in South Wing C

Meridian is proud to introduce the Meridian Fuel Trailer. Available in 990 U.S. gallons, the Meridian Fuel Trailer is the latest innovation in fuel transportation. Our Fuel Trailer is constructed with 10-gauge steel, double-welded seams and powder coated to offer maximum durability, so we can guarantee that it’s as rugged as the land you farm. We also offer a variety of options to customize the trailer to meet your needs. The Meridian Fuel Trailer will improve on-farm productivity and keep your equipment operating at full efficiency with faster refueling, so you can get the job done.


Brillion Farm Equipment


Booth: 1028 in South Wing A; 5013 in West Wing

Designed and built from input received from customers and producers that desired a simple, reliable and efficient over seeder, the Brillion Till ‘N Seed can operate under a wide variety of conditions and accurately plant a multitude of seed varieties and seed mixtures. The Till ‘N Seed, featuring patented technology, utilizes ground-driven tillage and seed placement rotors that are self-cleaning to allow for operation in high-residue conditions. These unique features make the Till ‘N Seed the ideal tool for seeding into existing turf, renovating pastures, restoring athletic fields and lawns and planting food plots.


Yetter Mfg. Inc.


Booth: 8020 in Pavilion
Phone: 800-447-5777

Yetter Mfg. Inc. — Celebrating 85 years! Yetter’s Auger Ace is engineered to make augers and conveyors easier to position the discharge spout. The hydraulic cylinder allows for quick and easy side-to-side leveling of the auger tube in relation to the storage container or bin intake hole from the tractor seat. The Auger Ace features universal mounting brackets for grain and fertilizer augers and conveyors. Save time centering the auger or conveyor with the push of a lever.


Beck’s Hybrids


Booth: 152 in South Wing A

Compared to traditional seed firmer technology, Flo-Rite seed firmers offer a revolutionary design with better seed-to-soil contact, resulting in quicker emergence. The firmers feature a durable, high-tech memory polymer that provides more consistent down pressure; a replaceable wear plate that reduces maintenance costs; and an enclosed stainless steel liquid tube. Flo-Rite seed firmers gently push the seed securely into the bottom of the seed trench, improving seed-to-soil contact. This practice improves planting-depth consistency, leading to better seed germination, more consistent emergence, better stands and more yield. Studies show that even stands can increase yield by more than 5%.


Rhino - Alamo Group Inc.


Booth: 3020 in South Wing C
Phone: 217-784-4261
Contact: Greg Pollock,

Don’t miss the Rhino Flex-Wing at NFMS. The Flex-Wing features a blade carrier that is a balanced, durable, lighter-weight stump jumper. The Flex-Wing’s gearbox design offers three times the torque with the same horsepower. The pivot hitch has a unique locking clevis device for ease of hooking up, while the smooth dome deck means less clutter, easier cleanup and a larger cutting chamber. Finally, the independent suspension has no moving parts.




Booth: 8002 in Pavilion
Phone: 765-429-6200

TruAG introduces the new Avenger 10 Series NH3 toolbar available in 15-, 17- and 19-row configurations. It is designed for multi-tool compatibility for both conventional shanks and high-speed rolling blade applications for today’s high horsepower tractors. The 10 Series features a 5-Section, dual-fold design for a 13-foot, 6-inch transport height, along with 15-degree down-flex wing travel. We coupled each bar with a heavy-duty T-frame tongue and extendable shock-absorbent rear hitch that rides on 425/65R22.5 tires. Optional accessories include cooler and tool-mounting brackets, swinging hose booms, as well as hose and distributor mounts.