HOUSTON — Mahindra dealers nationwide are now showcasing the new Mahindra USA 1500 series tractors that feature the uniquely designed Tier IV solution, Mahindra’s mCRD technology. Mahindra is the number one selling tractor brand in the world based on volume. These 35-39 HP tractors are well suited for small agricultural jobs at all sized organizations.  Mahindra 1500 series

“Mahindra invested $30 million to design and engineer the easy to operate and maintain mCRD engines, creating a Tier IV compliant solution that delivers the value expected from the Mahindra brand,” said Cleo Franklin, Mahindra USA’s Vice President of Marketing and Strategic Planning. “Mahindra’s commitment to our customer-first  strategy continues to lead product development.”

“Mahindra’s new 1500 tractor series will help our customers get their work done faster by providing more power and requiring less maintenance. The simplicity and lower cost of operation and maintenance make the 1500 series ideal for basic farm maintenance such as tilling a garden, mowing, fixing water lines, digging out tree stumps, feeding horses or maintaining barns and driveways,” said Mac Payne, Director of Dealer and Product Development, Mahindra USA.

The re-designed 1500 series tractors will get the job done faster with less noise, lower cost and more comfort for the operator. The 1550 series model includes the 1533 (34.5 horsepower) open station with optional 8 x 8 synchronized shuttle or three range hydrostatic transmission. The 1538 (38.7 HP) is available in an open station model with choice of transmission or cab model with three range hydrostatic transmission.

Highlights of the 1500 series, available in several configurations, include:

  • Heavier built-in weight provides better stability and traction for safer operation
  • Engine operates at a lower RPM for less noise and lower fuel consumption
  • Better torque due to 50-83 percent more cubic inch displacement
  • Wet sleeve, heavy duty, rebuildable engine due to mCRD technology
  • 32% more three-point hitch capacity to operate bigger tools
  • Enhanced operator comfort with a flat platform with a rubber floor mat, tiltable, 
  • Power steering and a simple to operate, ergonomic joystick
  • Option of ag, industrial or turf tires allowing customization for use
  • Large selection of quality implements, including a loader capable of largest-in-class loads and the highest-in-class lift capacity
  • Two-lever bucket removal for quick and easy attachment changes 

See full details on the 1500 series at http://mahindrausa.com/Tractors/series#747

“As the industry moves to accommodate the new Tier IV requirements required of all tractor manufacturers, Mahindra’s mCRD (Mahindra Common Rail Diesel) sets the standard with its ease of use, fuel efficiency and low maintenance in terms of both time and cost, said Omkar Nabar, Product Development, Mahindra USA. “Mahindra customers benefit from a turnkey solution that does not require the time, cost or unexpected down time that occurs with a high-maintenance Diesel Particulate Filter (DPF) engine.”

Key features of Mahindra’s Tier IV Compliant mCRD Technology:

  • High pressure fuel injection engine greatly reduces visible engine smoke
  • Multiple injection points for fuel efficiency with greener emissions including a reduction in NOx and Particulate Matter (PM)
  • No exhaust filter means less maintenance and no operator involvement
  • Reduces gas emissions by over 360 tons per year
  • Diesel oxidation catalyst (DOC) after treatment system does not require regeneration
  • High-efficiency positive crankcase ventilation (PCV) technology to capture and clean gases from the combustion chamber before releasing them into the environment