GRAND RAPIDS, Minn. — ASV LLC recently announced that it has three new compact track loaders in production at its Grand Rapids, Minn., manufacturing facility. These new machines are the first to be offered in the relaunch of the ASV Posi-Track line of compact track Loaders. The first three models to be relaunched under the ASV brand include the RT-30, RT-60 and RT-110 — a small, medium and large compact track loader, respectively.

The RT-30 is the smallest ride-on sub-compact track loader available today. With an operating weight of 3,600 pounds (1633 kg), the RT-30 is only 48 inches (1219 mm) wide so it can easily maneuver where large machines cannot. Equipped with a Perkins 3-cylinder 32.7 horsepower (25.1 kW) diesel engine and producing 3.0 psi (20.7 kPa) ground pressure, the RT-30 works on even the most fragile surfaces such as landscaping, golf courses and more. 

ASV’s new mid-sized machine, the RT-60, offers a balance of size, performance and stability to handle tough jobs in a wide range of conditions. It’s based on a time-tested machine platform that has been leading its class of compact track loader for over 10 years. The 6,930 pound (3143 kg) RT-60 is powered by a 4-cylinder Perkins turbo-charged diesel engine that puts out 60 horsepower (44.7 kW) and operates with only 3.9 psi (26.9 kPa) ground pressure under its 15 inch (381 mm) wide rubber tracks. It’s ideal for medium to large landscaping jobs, earthmoving and construction projects, and anywhere high traction and stability are required.

The RT-110 is the largest of the ASV Compact Track Loaders and rounds out the new Posi-Track product line as the most powerful and productive of the ASV machines. The RT-110 is built for working effectively in tough, demanding conditions. A specially configured RT-110/F is also available which is based on the standard RT-110 but is equipped for high-production brush cutting and forestry work. The RT-110’s 4-cylinder turbo-charged Perkins diesel engine puts out 111 horsepower (82.7 kW) that easily handles the higher demands of attachments like high-flow brush cutters.

The 11,100 pound (5035 kg) machine comes equipped with standard 18 inch (457 mm) wide rubber tracks that exert only 4.3 psi (48 kPa) ground pressure for exceptional flotation and traction over soft underfoot conditions. For extreme conditions, you can equip the RT-110 with optional 20 inch (508 mm) wide rubber tracks that increase its ground contact area by more than 11% while also reducing its ground pressure down to only 3.9 psi (26 kPa). The wider tracks are standard equipment on the RT-110/F. Exceptional traction and low ground pressure gives the ASV RT-110 the ability to work hard in adverse conditions where other machines simply cannot work at all.

John Wilkinson, ASV national sales manager, says, “Although these are new ASV machines, they’re based on time-proven engineering and design standards that have helped move this industry forward for many years. ASV has long been the world innovator of rubber track undercarriage technology. We still hold many patents for our undercarriages for features like proprietary rubber track construction, torsion axle suspension between our undercarriages and machine frames, and our legendary track drive systems that operate with minimal friction and wear. And no other product line beats ASV in terms of low ground pressure, high ground clearance and overall machine balance and smooth ride.” Recognizing that sales and service support are a critical element in the selection of compact track loaders,

ASV is currently developing a world-class dealer network for North America where it will first distribute the new line ASV PosiTrack loaders.