WICHITA, Kan. — Koch Agronomic Services LLC has announced the development of a brand name dedicated specifically to the turf and ornamental market. The new brand, Koch Turf & Ornamental, better represents Koch Agronomic Services’ focused efforts on developing solutions for the golf, lawn care, ornamental and turf markets. 

“Turf and ornamental is an industry with its own unique set of opportunities and challenges,” said Tim Sturm, vice president of Koch Turf & Ornamental. “We believe this new brand will more accurately define us in the market, and better represent the products and solutions we have to offer our customers.”

Koch Turf & Ornamental has a broad portfolio of well-known enhanced efficiency fertilizers including Polyon, Duration and Sprread It & Forget  controlled-release fertilizers, Nutralene, Nitrofomr, XCU and Nitamin slow-release fertilzers and UMaxx and UFlexx stabilized nitrogen and Hydrexx nitrogen stabilizer. 

Koch Agronomic Services, the parent company of the Koch Turf & Ornamental brand, will continue to serve the agricultural market.