Briggs & Stratton Corp. has donated 240 generators to help provide power to areas of Haiti still devastated by the Jan. 12 earthquake.

The Pan American Development Foundation said in a press release that the generators will be used to light up emergency centers, clinics and classrooms that remain without power.

"This generous and much-needed in-kind contribution by Briggs & Stratton will make a significant difference in the lives of Haitians," says John Sanbrailo, the Pan American Development Foundation's executive director.

Briggs & Stratton's 5.5-kilowatt generators, called Storm Responders, are powerful enough to provide electricity for a small home. They are portable and can run for 13 hours on a tank of gasoline.

"We are humbled to make this donation that will hopefully make a difference in the quality of everyday living in Haiti," said Laura Timm, director of corporate communications at Briggs & Stratton (NYSE: BGG).

The donation, valued at $250,000, was coordinated by Vero Beach, Fla.-based Haiti Partners, which will distribute 190 generators to schools, churches and clinics. The foundation will share its 50 generators with Haiti's Civil Protection Department. The generators are expected to clear customs by June 4.