T Major Antonio Carraro

CAMPODARSEGO, Italy — The new T Major series from Antonio Carraro offers the agility and efficiency needed for specialized agricultural operations on plains, hillsides and mountainsides.

The series is made up of various steering or articulated models, with equal-sized wheels or with larger rear wheels. Its perfect weight distribution, guaranteed by ACTIO technology, over all 4 wheels, ensures grip, stability and top level safety.

The models are equipped with independent PTO. The 12 front and 12 rear speed gearbox with inverter is synchronized, draft position and control lift, with combined adjustment.

The TN 5800 in the series is based on the Tigrone 5800 tractor. The streamlined bodywork and the dimensions of the TN 5800 are functional and guarantee agility in narrow spaces, between rowed crops, on hills and in mountains, optimizing operating times.

The latest generation, 49.7 horsepower Yanmar diesel engine is fitted with the most advanced combustion and injection system with low fuel consumption and maximum torque at 1800 rpm.