MARYVILLE, Mo. — reports that AgriVision Equipment, a John Deere dealer with 13 locations across southern Iowa, recently loaned a John Deere 8320R tractor to the Maryville, Mo., campus of Northwest Missouri State University. Other aspects of the partnership includes internship opportunities and establishing scholarships for Northwest students through AgriVision Equipment.

According to the report:

"Rod Barr (Director of the School of Agricultural Sciences at Northwest Missouri State University) said, 'It will end up helping enhance what we do and we are very excited about the partnership. It’s really growing from a start last fall from them being down here going through mock interviews with our students and now we’re really starting to develop that partnership. This is just the first step in where we’re going with the equipment that is here on campus now.'

"Director of Organization Development for AgriVision Equipment Mark Ford adds the partnership is a win-win situation.

"'We are working with the institution as far as creating a curriculum that makes sense,' Ford said. 'It’s an outcome based curriculum. Northwest Missouri State is excited because it also helps as far as having a curriculum that is built for an Ag dealership. It’s a win-win-win all the way around. It’s also a win for the community and each institution. We are very excited about that.'"

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Editor's Note: AgriVision Equipment (formerly A&M Green Power) was recognized as the 2013 Rural Lifestyle Dealership of the Year. Read more about AgriVision here.