SAN MARCOS, Calif. — Hunter Industries announces the release of the new Clik-Delay, a rain sensor accessory that prevents irrigation for 48 hours after a rain event. 

"The Clik-Delay was designed specifically for the needs of the California market to comply with the watering restrictions mandate, but its water-saving benefit has wide appeal and it supports our corporate focus on water conservation," said John Wascher, Hunter product manager. 

The Clik-Delay is a simple, low-cost water-saving device that attaches to Hunter Mini-Clik and Rain-Clik sensors and Hunter controllers to prevent watering for 48 hours after a rain event. After the rain sensor dries out, Clik-Delay will prevent watering for the next 48 hours, so unnecessary watering does not occur. The solution works with any current system — there's no need to replace a controller or make complicated changes. Simply connect the Clik-Delay module to the controller and the rain sensor. 

Clik-Delay is compatible with most commonly available brands of clik-type rain sensors and irrigation controllers. It expands the capability of any controller by preventing unnecessary watering and complies with recent watering restrictions in the state of California.

The Clik-Delay battery has a 5-10 year life span and the module is epoxy potted to prevent water intrusion.