It was 60 years ago that Perkins Lawnmower decided to create their business at the top of Perkins Hill in an old New England barn in Exeter.

Since then, the knowledge and the extensive background of the outdoor power equipment industry has been passed down through three generations of family members.

"My father started it as a part-time operation. He had another job, but he needed the extra money — he was trying to raise six kids," said Keith Perkins, co-owner of Perkins Lawnmower.

Their method of salesmanship at Perkins Lawnmower is evidently working because business has continued to flow through the doors for the past 60 years.

Perkins said not only Exeter residents come through the doors regularly, but also many residents from the Seacoast area.

"People from parts of Maine or Massachusetts will even come in," Perkins said.

Perkins feels that perhaps the lack of sales tax in New Hampshire could be the reason behind customers' willingness to travel.

Since starting their business, Perkins said they, along with the industry itself, have grown astronomically.

"We originally carried the push mowers. Now there's a wide variety of products. Everything has a motor now, and some are even electric powered 'green' mowers. There's quite a selection," Perkins said.

According to Perkins, their company will still sharpen the blades on old push mowers.

"It's a rare percentage of people that come in for that, but we still offer to do it," Perkins said.

Riding lawnmowers have gotten much bigger over the years, he said.

"The transformation of technology over the years is amazing," Perkins said.

As far as any anniversary celebration specials, "We've been so busy lately with the season starting, so I haven't really decided yet," he said.