HESSTON, Kan. – Hustler Turf Equipment announces that the Vanguard Big Block V-Twin engines will soon power the Super Z HyperDrive and Super 104 models. Vanguard is the innovator and proven leader for Big Block V-Twin engine power, performance, and reliability. For the most challenging applications – where downtime is not an option – the Big Block V-Twin engines have been expertly engineered to deliver the dependability that hardworking people need to get a lot more done throughout the day.

 “The outstanding reputation of Vanguard in the commercial and industrial markets, make this engine a perfect fit for our industry leading machines including the Super Z HyperDrive and Super 104,” said Brad Unruh, Director of Product Strategy. “We are also excited to announce an exclusive Hustler 5-year engine warranty, making this change an even greater choice for our valued customers.”

Other features of the Vanguard Big Block engines include superior balance, low vibration, lower emissions, reduced noise level, improved valve life, better fuel economy, added power, advanced debris management, quick dependable starts, and superior durability.

 “Since its inception in 2005, the Vanguard air-cooled V-Twin Big Block engine line continues to receive notoriety for setting a new standard of power and durability for landscape contractors,” said Jim Cross, Marketing Manager for Briggs & Stratton Commercial Power. “The engine is a workhorse. And that ‘can do’ attitude of the Big Block now equipped with Vanguard EFI technology just widens the gap between it and other power sources on the market.”