Wilhelm Stoll Maschinenfabrik, of Lengede, Germany, and KMW Ltd., of Sterling, Kan., announce their global strategic alliance for the sales, manufacturing and engineering of front-end loaders used in agricultural and professional applications.

This new alliance combines their respective strengths and advances their position within the global market.

KMW’s customers get access to Stoll’s portfolio of loader solutions based on the Z-kinematics, the worldwide technology benchmark for self-leveling loaders.

KMW provides a dynamic platform for the expansion of Stoll in North America. Stoll’s OEM partners will profit from the KMW expertise in rugged loader designs for the compact and utility tractors as well as KMW’s expertise in providing pre-delivery inspection services for tractors and agricultural equipment.

The alliance builds on the companies’ established global distribution partners. Stoll and KMW will coordinate and combine their sales, engineering and technical support functions to optimize the value proposition to their global OEM customer base. Joint development activities will be oriented toward improved loader-tractor integration as well as reductions in the total cost of ownership of loaders.

KMW Ltd.
KMW was started by Mike and Diane Bender in 1997. KMW is one of the leading U.S.-manufacturers of OEM-quality loaders, uniquely positioned in the rapidly growing compact and utility segments of the largest loader market worldwide.

KMW employs 135 people in three locations in Kansas.

As president and general manager, Bender continues to oversee and control the operations of KMW Ltd.

Wilhelm Stoll Maschinenfabrik
Stoll — the loader specialist — is recognized as one of the leading manufacturers of front-end loaders worldwide. For decades, Stoll has stood for exceptional quality and genuine customer proximity. Through a track record of innovation Stoll has managed to continuously strengthen its position. Today Stoll are the loaders of choice worldwide. In 2015 Stoll celebrates the 50th anniversary of the Stoll loader.

Stoll employs 500 people in three locations in Europe. The owners and the management of Stoll plan to continue the international growth of Stoll. Since 2013, Stoll has been part of DMB — Deutsche Mittelstand Beteiligungen GmbH.