This week at the GIE+Expo in Louisville, Kent., Oregon announced the launch of its Gator SpeedLoad Cutting System.

The integrated head and disk line system simplifies the replacement of trimmer line—with no winding, spooling or cutting line—reducing replacement time to seconds.

“The Gator SpeedLoad Cutting System is designed to get professionals back to work and keep them working longer,” said Dale Marcell, senior global product manager for Oregon. “It was engineered to eliminate the hassle and frustration of winding line onto spools. Less loading time and a high quality, durable trimmer line equal more time on the job — and a big impact on a business’s bottom line.”

The Gator SpeedLoad Cutting System combines a specially designed trimmer head with a patented line disk. The trimmer head is designed as a solid-body piece, with no loose parts, spools or screws that could get lost on a jobsite. Its low-profile design provides better visibility and improved line position for trimming.

Oregon’s proprietary Gator SpeedLoad trimmer line is its most durable to date. Its unique formulation and manufacturing process delivers significantly improved line durability and longer life, while the tongue and groove profile creates sharp edges for cleaner and faster cutting. Gator SpeedLoad trimmer line comes pre-wound in small, self-contained disks for easy transport and fast loading. The result is a fast, easy-to-use trimmer line replacement solution for green industry professionals.

“Landscape pros who tested the Gator SpeedLoad in the field were able to change out their trimmer line in under 20 seconds,” said Marcell. “And when they tested the trimmer line against concrete, chain link and other rugged surfaces, it proved to be more durable, lasting up to two times longer than competing products.

Available in January 2016, the Gator SpeedLoad Cutting System will be available in three models that fit over 95 percent of gas-powered trimmers on the market. The models include a 5-inch diameter head for commercial straight-shaft trimmers for use with .095-inch and .118-inch line; a 4 ¼-inch diameter head for straight shaft trimmers, for use with .080-inch and .095-inch trimmer line; and a 4 ¼-inch diameter head for curved-shaft trimmers for use with .080-inch and .095-inch trimmer line

The Oregon Gator SpeedLoad Cutting System is available at Oregon authorized dealers nationwide. To learn more about the product and locate a dealer, visit

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