BATESVILLE, Ark. — Robert Foster, owner of the Intimidator Group, launches Spartan Mowers, with headquarters in Batesville, Ark. 

"I have always loved mowers. They are a passion of mine. The Spartan is truly a culmination of many years experience, many lessons learned and countless hours of work and engineering. We literally built this mower from the ground up. The inspiration for the design of the mower came from the muscle car era of the 60s and 70s," says Foster.

The Spartan featues all-new Smart Ride Technology (SRT) with middle and rear Elastomer TecsPak and front neoprene cushioning to absorb any shock or jostling. The mower also features soft ride steel belted radial tires. The ergonomic cockpit puts the driver in the center of the circle and the new brake system frees up arm space, giving the driver a full range of motion.

The Spartan is also one of the first mowers to offer a LCD control panel and warning indicators. It has a shock-assisted lift deck and on certain modeld with an electric actuator, the deck lift is simplified. The low center of gravity and angled front forks allow for a close cut on straights or turns. The Spartan frame is built with the same heavy-duty frame as Intimidator UTVs. Spartan mowers are also designed with a "plug-and-play" system to allow the owner to add accessories.

"The mission behind this mower was to change the turf industry by raising the bar on simplicity and functionality in a top-of-the-line mower. We did it ... this one is special. We believe the Spartan is the best possible mower on the market," says Foster.

The 5 mowers in the series include the RT Pro, RT HD, SRT Pro, SRT HD and SRT XD and are built for residential and commercial use. 

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