LOUISVILLE, Ky.  – Gravely recently introduced two accessory kits for the Atlas JSV, adding additional job site functionality for both landscaping and snow removal. Atlas JSV

The snow configuration features exclusive technology to make installation easy, and an auto-retracting frame kickstand, which keeps the plow at the right height for drive-up attachment and detachment. In addition, a large-capacity Gravely salt spreader is available for the MX-18 box. The spreader’s dual variable-speed, digital control allows independent adjustment of spread pattern and material flow. A complete list of new accessories available in the snow configuration list include:

  • 72-inch steel blade
  • Hydraulic angle system
  • Pro control handle
  • Hydraulic lift system
  • Plow mount plate
  • Plow push frame
  • One-half cubic yard, 1,080-pound capacity salt spreader

The MX-18 box rack configuration is designed to help professional ground crews, nurseries and municipalities. This kit transforms the Atlas JSV into a work station by transporting tools and equipment like string trimmers, backpack blowers, chainsaws and shovels, reducing the number of trips needed to get supplies. A complete list of accessories available in the MX-18 box rack configuration include:

  • Full rack structure
  • Extender basket
  • Half clip basket
  • Full clip basket
  • Log handle tool carrier
  • String trimmer carrier
  • Backpack rack
  • Cooler/bucket cruiser

“We want owners to do more with their Atlas JSV,” said Gravely Atlas JSV Product Manager Miguel Arciniega. “These kits make the vehicle versatile. Instead of using one vehicle for transportation and another for snow removal, the Atlas JSV can do it all; it’s convenient and cost effective.”

Cab system accessories help protect the operator against unfavorable elements and are designed for easy installation and quick removal. A new heavy-duty, 12-gauge steel roof, which is durable and scratch resistant, is now available for the Atlas JSV crew model. For improved visibility, floor-length, transparent doors made from safety glass and UV-protected, hard-coated polycarbonate are available for both the base and crew models.

To increase safety and visibility, side-mirrors, which can be mounted to the vehicle’s rollover protection structure (ROPS) or to the optional hard-cab doors, and high-visibility strobe lights are now available. Nerf bars were also introduced to the accessory lineup for MY16, which make for easier access into and around the vehicle.

For more information and a full list of accessories available, visit www.gravelyatlas.com.