ABC affiliate WHAM in Rochester, N.Y., reports snow blower sales are on track despite recent unseasonably warm weather.

"Many businesses that rely on snow are having a tough time with the unseasonably warm weather.

"But that's not necessarily the case for businesses that sell snow blowers. Many of them were completely out of inventory at the end of last winter.

"Customers appeared to have learned their lesson, said Mike Baum of Brodner Equipment, and ordered in advance this year.

"'People remember it was cold,' said Baum. 'Not only did it snow, it never left. It started in February and we were getting snow all the way into April. People know that; they remember they couldn't get the snow blowers they wanted last year, and this year it's been strong.'

"Baum said many customers don't expect they'll use their snow blowers until later in December, so business has been about the same as usual for this time of year."

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