Technological innovation and restyling characterize the hydraulic reach mowers T380D and T430D. The use of the polypropylene oil tank, allows a significant weight reduction, thus facilitating the hitching on the compact tractors. The new flail head TID100, 39 inches width uses the same rotor to fit multiuse Y, articulated Y and hammers. A unique feature is the circular section of the arms (HTR High Torsion Resistance). The use of press molded components for the arm articulation as well as the electrical controls with joystick option make these compact reach mowers a valuable tool for farmers and landscapers.

T430D boom mower (pictured above)

  • Self-contained three point hitch mounted boom mower with flail head
  • Horizontal reach of 14 feet, 2 inches
  • Flail head has a cutting width of 39 inches
  • Flail head is designed with the flexibility to interchange the cutting blades….blades are designed to handle material from 0.75 inches in size up to 1.25 inches in size
  • Floating flail head with adjustable cutting height – standard
  • Available with standard (Classic cable controls) or optional (Electra) electric controls.

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