The new platform features a highly-advanced tool loaded with pre-approved messaging and images to ensure brand consistency — which equips its US and Canadian dealers with expanded options for advertising and marketing and increases the agility and seamlessness of their individualized and customizable marketing efforts.

New Holland commissioned the capabilities of SproutLoud's hyper-local channel marketing platform in an effort to deliver more value to dealers for their marketing spend and elevate the level of marketing effectiveness across the network and in key growth markets.

To facilitate these key needs, SproutLoud engineered the new dealer services program envisioned by New Holland to include enhanced incentives for dealers to advertise within a pragmatic blend of digital and traditional mediums. Mediums include regulated brand messaging, cost share programs to offset any out-of-pocket costs to the dealers, and enhanced distribution channels to increase speed-to-market.

"We are excited that New Holland chose SproutLoud to aid in navigating them into a more extensive and visceral digital program for its local dealers," said Gary Ritkes, President of SproutLoud.

"This program provides an opportunity for New Holland to improve upon its previous strategy for sharing marketing materials with its local dealers. The addition of the strong, centralized marketing hub will increase the ease of coordinated marketing initiatives between the corporate office and the local dealers."

The recent rollout has garnered very positive responses from both New Holland dealers and executives, with feedback ranging from praise of the platform's engaging user experience to recognition of its intuitiveness.

"The response has been terrific. Our goal from the outset was to provide our dealers with the most advanced tools and marketing technology available so that they can focus on what matters most, driving sales and building great customer relationships," states Chun Woytera, Senior Director of Marketing for New Holland North America.

For added benefit, dealers can use the platform in a self-service mode or they can take advantage of SproutLoud's local marketing concierge service.

SproutLoud LMCs usher users through the process in one of two ways: 

  • As a guide or partner that directs them during the setup and execution of their advertising and marketing efforts or
  • As the principal that manages everything in its entirety-such as enrollments in automated programs and digital programs. 

All while delivering strategic local marketing advice on how to best utilize their brand-sponsored dollars on the platform.