How To Sell Vol 1

Now is the time to sell more niche products that can boost revenues year-round.

This highly insightful eGuide, “How to Sell Volume 1,” shares actionable strategies for how you can increase sales of skid steers, chippers & shredders and wood stoves — products that are gaining in popularity among rural lifestylers — and it’s FREE!

Dear Dealer,

There are two things all of us know about sales in the rural equipment market: maintaining a steady stream of sales revenue in the offseason is very difficult and rural lifestylers are often unfamiliar with the more complicated equipment they need to keep their larger properties looking their best.

It may be easy to sell equipment in early spring when rural lifestylers are eager to get outside and commercial customers are gearing up for new projects. But, how do you continue selling when the colder weather is driving your customers inside — and their machines into storage?

And what about equipment that doesn’t sell itself, like a lawn mower or a chain saw? Your salespeople may be struggling with how to sell more complicated categories of equipment and may be bypassing those products for a quicker sale, stifling revenue growth in the process.

To help you and your sales team learn new selling strategies, we’ve hand-picked several of the most informative stories from our popular “How to Sell” series from our print magazine into an eGuide – and we’ve made it absolutely FREE to get it into the hands of as many dealers as possible in a time when every potential sale counts.

Real-world strategies from dealers, FOR DEALERS, by the most trusted name in the rural equipment industry.

This eGuide includes three full features that analyze what it takes to sell these three popular product categories, all in one reader-friendly report. The stories feature valuable advice from dealers who are having success selling skid steers, chippers & shredders and wood stoves, so you can learn how they answer common question and eliminate sales obstacles. You’ll want to keep this eGuide handy as a primer prior to those important sales calls!

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How to Sell Volume 1: Skid Steers, Chippers & Shredders and Wood Stoves is a comprehensive, foundational guide to understanding what goes through your key customers’ minds when considering buying these product lines. It is simple, straightforward and actionable. In fact, this eGuide is designed to help you …

Understand what drives rural lifestylers and commercial customers to add these categories to solve problems, save money and improve the appearance of their properties.

  • Discover how to better target the construction segment — a market that’s experiencing a boom right now
  • Learn how to make the most of the “small window” for selling chippers and shredders
  • Gain confidence in selling wood stoves, a product line that is new to many rural lifestyle dealerships
  • Start your team on a path of recognizing how to capture even more sales from the rural lifestyle segment — a demographic that dealers say is growing year after year

Of course, we know you’re very busy. But we both know the risks of losing and ignoring sales is significant, and you and your employees can’t afford to ignore potential revenue streams. Creating and maintaining a diverse customer base is compulsory to survival. 

Consider this:

  • Half of rural lifestyle dealers say their rural lifestyle markets have grown by as much as 19% in the last 5 years. Do you have the product lines and sales expertise to win over more of these customers?
  • The construction segment needs reliable equipment and a dealer they can trust. Are you able to say “yes” when they come to you for equipment and service needs? 

We know time is money. But if you did nothing more than scan the easy-to-read advice in this FREE eGuide, you’d be significantly ahead.

Rural Lifestyle Dealer in print and online, is dedicated entirely to helping dealers understand the trends, data and analysis impacting the rural equipment market. Editors make it their job to know the score, and to help progressive managers improve their operations. 

  • Are your salespeople familiar enough with the construction market to recommend the right attachments?
  • Are you leveraging municipal regulations, such as burn bans, to promote chippers and shredders?
  • Can your salespeople promote the advantages of wood or pellet stoves, based on the customer’s home, budget and needs?

Learn more about:

  1. Adding skid steers to your rental department.
  2. Selling skid steers out of your rental department to customers with bad credit.
  3. Uncovering opportunities for chipper shredder sales with urban customers.
  4. Establishing a stellar installation team for wood stoves. 

This eGuide includes proven takeaways from dealers who have been successfully selling these niche products for years. There’s no need to start with a blank slate. Instead, rely on the advice from dealers who know the rural lifestyle customer and what they are looking for when considering these product lines.  

Discover the traits of a professional and progressive dealership.

That’s the kind of actionable information you get throughout this FREE eGuide– all of the information is presented in clear and straightforward language.

You’ll immediately relate to how the dealers describe their markets and what they did to overcome sales obstacles. You’ll get answers to these vital areas:

  1. How track machines are extending the reach of skid steer sales.
  2. How to present commercial-level chippers & shredders to the consumer market.
  3. How to narrow down the multitude of wood stove manufacturers and choose the right one for your dealership and region.

For every question you and your team consider, you’ll find a way to exponentially increase your effectiveness, while better assisting your customer make sound decisions in the process. 

Takeaways to win over current and prospective customers

This in-depth eGuide delivers actionable takeaways that you and your team can use today:

  • Understand why an outside salesperson is a critical component of skid steer sales
  • See why one dealer invests in newspaper inserts to reach more than 1 million customers
  • Learn why another dealer believes word-of-mouth advertising is the most effective way to reach potential wood stove customers

These are just some of the takeaways you’ll find by downloading this free report and reviewing it with your cup of morning coffee.

And that’s just the tip of the iceberg. Put some real-world advice in this report through the lens of your company and situation and you’ll feel energized by the possibilities. 

By now I’m sure you see the value of this carefully-prepared eGuide and what turning in to this knowledge can do for your business. No one who wants their company to be a market leader should overlook it! And because you’ve taken the time to read this, you’re clearly a person who values how to protect, and grow, the stake you’ve already claimed in the rural equipment business.

That means you’re exactly the kind of person we hope to reach with How to Sell Volume 1: Skid Steers, Chippers & Shredders and Wood Stoves. The kind of “in-the-know” person your team expects out of a leader.

If you’re a manager today, you know how valuable reports like this are to calibrate and validate current thinking. If you’re still developing as an equipment marketer, you’re eager for the foundation and new ideas to increase your success. Either way, what better way to move forward than with this comprehensive, authoritative — FREE — eGuide?

Do you want to be one step ahead and have customers turn to you for all their equipment needs?

Are you prepared with new approaches to equip your sales team for success?

Do you want insights into how other dealers are achieving success with niche products?

Then download this free eGuide right now and get started. The minute you do, you start the momentum toward greater sales.

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Yours for a better rural equipment industry,

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Lynn Woolf, Managing Editor

PS: Have you considered getting additional manufacturer discounts for adding a skid steer to your rental fleet? Find out more by downloading How to Sell: Volume 1 Skid Steers, Chippers & Shredders and Wood Stoves right now.

PSS: Find out 7 questions that can help you help your customers choose a wood stove they will enjoy for many years.