Gas-OffAccording to a recent survey, 70% of American consumers said they have spilled gasoline on their hands, clothes, car or outdoor power equipment when trying to fill up their outdoor power equipment or vehicle. In response, Briggs & Stratton is introducing Gas Off, a plant-based solution for removing gasoline and diesel odor and residue.

The online survey was conducted on behalf of Briggs & Stratton by Harris Poll in October 2015 among 3,027 U.S. adults.

"People love our gasoline-powered engines, but it's inevitable that at one point or another you're going to accidentally spill or drip gas, even when filling your car," said Carissa Gingras, Director of Marketing for Consumer Engines and Service at Briggs & Stratton. "We've seen all kinds of home remedies to try and solve the problem. Until Gas Off, there was nothing on the market that actually removes the residue and eliminates the odor after a spill."

Gas Off doesn't mask the smell like other sprays, cleaners and home remedies; it eliminates it. The special non-toxic* Gas Off formula removes the gasoline and diesel odor and residue from fuel spills and grime from pumps, leaving your hands clean and odor-free. The plant-based formula is safe for use on fabrics, chrome, plastic and paint surfaces as well as skin and won't dry out hands like alcohol-based cleaners**.

The study also revealed:

  • Men ages 55-64 have the highest propensity for spilling gas
  • 48% of adults said they have spilled gas on their vehicle
  • 40% of adults have spilled gas on their hands while pumping gas into their car
  • 21% of adults spilled gas on their clothes while pumping gas into their car

"Spilling gas is not something people think about until it happens and there's a moment of panic," said Gingras. "Now there's a solution for consumers and one that we think people are going to love."

Gas Off is packaged in convenient single-use foil packs, an eight-ounce spray bottle, a 15-wipe flat pack perfect for glove compartments or a 36-wipe canister ideal for a garage or workshop. It is currently available at Walmart and will be available at dealers and select home improvement retailers in spring 2016. For more information visit:

*Regarding the non-toxic claim: "No toxic chemical(s) subject to section 313 of Title III and of 40 CFR 372, or 29 CFR 1910 (OSHA) are present.

**Before using on an unknown substance, test on inconspicuous area