The new WORKMASTER 75 is the latest addition to New Holland's value class tractors that bear the same trusted name and dependable qualities as the original WORKMASTER tractors. At 75 hp, the WORKMASTER 75 is the most powerful member of the WORKMASTER family, which also includes 45- and 55-hp models

New Holland Rural Lifestyle Segment Leader Ken Hough says, "Whether mowing, baling or loading, the WORKMASTER 75 meets the job head-on with plenty of muscle and efficiency. It's an affordable, versatile tractor that can power through tough jobs and offers the best value in its horsepower range

The WORKMASTER 75 features an 8X2 constant mesh transmission with four gears in high and low ranges totaling eight forward gears and two reverse gears. For convenient  "shift on the go" operation, 3rd and 4th gear, as well as 7th and 8th gear, are synchronized.

A fully independent 540-rpm PTO allows a three-point implement to remain engaged even when changing gears, turning or applying the clutch. And open-center hydraulics coupled with a standard rear remote valve and deluxe 3-point hitch make attaching and using many rear implements a cinch.

All New Holland's WORKMASTER Series tractors have a comfortable, open operator station that is designed for operator convenience with plenty of foot and leg room. Controls are easily accessible right next to the seat, and bright, clear, analog instrument gauges are easy to read.  The suspension on the deluxe, contoured seat adjusts for operator comfort. The sloped hood and rounded fenders provides outstanding visibility, another big plus for loader work.  And the vertical exhaust directs noise, heat and fumes away from the operator.

For extra traction and stability, WORKMASTER tractors offer a mechanical 4WD engagement option. All-wheel-drive traction in an economy class tractor is another way this workhorse outperforms other tractors in its class.

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