LITTLETON, Colo. – At February’s CNH Expo Show, Charter Software’s Charter4Charity initiative generated $1,347 for the Disaster Relief Fund. The Disaster Relief Fund assists employees of equipment dealerships who have been impacted by natural disasters.

The Charter4Charity initiative was developed to turn trade show events into a positive experience for all of those in attendance.

“Instead of enticing visitors to the booth with a chance to win a TV, we started offering a donation to charity for every visitor and $100 for every visitor that agreed to a demo of our flagship software, ASPEN. It’s been such a positive part of our brand and, most noticeably, inside our office,” says Aaron Adams, Charter Software’s brand marketing and communications manager.

About Charter4Charity

Charter4Charity was launched in October of 2015 to raise money for charity at every trade show Charter Software attends. For every visitor to Charter’s booths at trade shows this year, the company is giving $1 to charity. For every visitor that schedules a demonstration the ASPEN software, they are giving $100 to charity. Visit,

About Charter Software

Charter Software, Inc. is headquartered in Littleton, Colorado and was founded in 1978. Charter Software provides affordable, Windows-based business management software designed to improve efficiency and increase the profitability of equipment dealerships. Charter Software works closely with the equipment industry's leading suppliers to create streamlined EPC/e-commerce integration with their software.

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