HAMILTON, Ohio — Mean Green Mowers is introducing its solar assisted mower or S.A.M. S.A.M. is an optional solar electric canopy that can be added to the commercial electric Mean Green CXR-52-inch/60-inch ZTR ride-on mower.  The technology is designed, engineered, and built in the U.S. 

Mean Green Mowers has been manufacturing quiet, zero-emission commercial electric mowers since 2009. With the introduction of the S.A.M. solar canopy, Mean Green Mowers President Joe Conrad explains that "Our NexGen CXR ZTR electric mower with the new S.A.M. option allows our company to take a giant leap into the future of commercial mowing. No longer are we bound to inefficient, polluting internal combustion engine mowers of our grandparents' era. Now, everyone has the option of choosing a clean, economical, efficient mower that delivers us to the future of the commercial landscape industry."

Conrad goes on to explain other improvements to the improved NexGen CXR. "The NexGen CXR mower is the accumulation of years of field testing and development. Along with the new S.A.M. option, the CXR boasts a much more substantial use of hybrid construction materials such as military grade aluminum alloys and high strength steel. The patent pending CXR has a newly designed, patent pending Green Lithium battery system capable of 20% longer run time than last year's already impressive all day run-times. With S.A.M., the run times are increased even more. Even though the higher capacity Green Lithium batteries weigh slightly more, the overall weight of the machine is actually 10% less than before thanks to the new use of space-age construction materials. The final result is a quiet, powerful, zero emission, all battery-electric commercial mower weighing less than most commercial gas mowers that is capable of harvesting free energy from the sun that can run all day long."

Operator Benefits:

With S.A.M., the CXR operator enjoys the comfort of shading from the sun with a strong, flexible solar panel mounted in a quickly removable, ROPS mounted canopy frame.

During sunny days, S.A.M collects the sun's energy and converts it to additional power for the patent pending Mean Green "Green Lithium" battery packs that propel the CXR mower.

Operators may qualify for the 30% tax federal solar tax credit from the value of the solar equipment and Green Lithium LEM batteries. Tax credit savings of up to $5,610 are possible with the fully equipped CXR-60 industrial mower package. For a limited time, S.A.M. also qualifies operators for an instant factory CXR mower rebate of $1,100 plus another $300 rebate with American Green Zone Alliance membership. 

Go to www.meangreenmowers.com for a complete explanation of costs.

Environmental Benefits:

Energy collected from S.A.M. is immediately converted to power to assist mowing operation of the pure electric CXR mower.

Compared to one gas commercial mower, one Mean Green CXR electric mower can reduce exhaust emissions equivalent to removing about 200 cars from the road per year, according to the company.

With about half the noise level of comparable gas mowers, the CXR mower also meets or exceeds most any noise restriction requirements.