MILWAUKEE — Briggs & Stratton (NYSE: BGG) introduces the first Bluetooth enabled portable generator. The Briggs & Stratton 8000 watt Elite Series portable generator with StatStation Wireless Bluetooth lets a homeowner monitor their generator from the convenience of inside their home.

“This Bluetooth technology was the result of a tremendous amount of customer research that told us consumers become frustrated by not knowing remaining fuel levels or the remaining capacity of their portable generator when the power went out,” said Dan Roche, director of marketing for Briggs & Stratton Portable Power and Cleaning Systems. “StatStation Wireless featuring Bluetooth allows you to check the performance of your generator from the comfort of inside your home.”

Briggs & Stratton surveyed 400 families during the research and development process and learned 83% rely on portable generators during emergencies to keep food from spoiling and 72% rely on portable generators to keep the lights on. StatStation Wireless with Bluetooth comfortably empowers families by providing data to the app to show:

  • Fuel gauge and run time left before needing to refuel
  • Total hours on generator (hour meter)
  • Maintenance reminders (spark plug, oil, air filter)
  • How much power is being used 
  • Dealer locator

While portable generators can provide users with flexibility and comfort, homeowners and renters should use portable generators appropriately at all times in order to avoid carbon monoxide poisoning. As a member of the Portable Generator Manufacturers’ Assn., Briggs & Stratton invites homeowners to visit to learn more about portable generator safety.

Briggs & Stratton StatStation Wireless with Bluetooth will be made available for consumers to purchase in late 2016.