MILWAUKEE — Briggs & Stratton Corp (NYSE: BGG) introduces Briggs & Stratton Fortress standby generator systems, the company’s new line of premium standby generators designed to give families the highest-quality generator features and the best warranty on the market.

“The Briggs & Stratton Fortress line of standby generator systems delivers premium features for families wanting top-tier backup power,” said Phil Cappitelli, vice president of marketing for Briggs & Stratton Standby Power. “Fortress standby generators come standard with premium features and an unmatched warranty to give families an unprecedented level of comfort knowing their home will remain powered no matter the conditions outside.”

Briggs & Stratton Fortress standby generators range in size from 10kW up to 60kW1. All Fortress models come with a standard 6-year parts, labor and travel limited warranty. The warranty extends to cover the entire Fortress standby generator system, including the transfer switch. Many warranties on the market only cover the generator unit for the life time of the warranty.

Additionally, all Fortress standby generator systems are supported exclusively by Briggs & Stratton’s certified dealer network, the most extensive in the market.

Briggs & Stratton Fortress standby generator systems come equipped with Symphony II Power Management. With Symphony II Power Management, homeowners can select up to eight high-wattage appliances based on the home’s specific power needs. It then manages the distribution of power from the Fortress generator to those appliances — automatically. This load management ensures the generator won’t overload and lets a family power more of their home with a more affordable generator.

The Briggs & Stratton Fortress generators come ready to power a home even when the temperatures plummet to minus-20 degrees Fahrenheit, thanks to a factory-installed cold kit. Typically an add-on purchase, the cold kit includes an oil warmer or coolant heater, which will kick-on when the thermometer reaches 30 degrees or below outside – ensuring the battery and generator will start when the weather is frigid.

Briggs & Stratton Fortress models are compatible with two of Briggs & Stratton’s wireless monitoring systems. The Basic Wireless Monitor gives generator owners an easy, trouble-free wireless monitoring solution to know their unit is ready in case of an outage. The wireless monitor is easily moved around the house, preventing trips outside to the generator during bad weather.

Infohub™ is the next-generation in wireless monitoring. Homeowners can use any web-enabled device — including an iPhone, Android phone or tablet — to check if the standby generator system is ready to restore power should an outage occur. From the Infohub website and mobile app, customers can determine if their generator is running and if their generator requires maintenance. Infohub also allows customers to track generator performance and learn more details on their generator system.