VIRGINIA BEACH, Va. — The new STIHL AP 100 and 300 lithium-Ion batteries deliver heavy-duty performance in light and affordable packages. Stihl Battery Pack AP100

“STIHL research and development continues to advance power capacity and battery technology. The latest batteries in the lineup provide homeowners and professionals with the power they need without weighing them down and are compatible with all 15 STIHL battery-powered products” says Brian Manke, product manager at STIHL Inc.

At just 1.8 pounds, the STIHL AP 100 is a lightweight lithium-ion battery. The AP 100 produces the same energy content and run times with 31% less battery weight than the previous model.

The STIHL AP 300, the most powerful handheld lithium-ion battery in the STIHL lineup, allows users to tackle larger landscapes with fewer recharges, producing 28% more energy content while remaining the same weight as the previous model (3.8 pounds).

Benefits of STIHL Lithium-Ion Technology

Both the AP 100 and AP 300 batteries are compatible with the full line of STIHL battery products, with no gradual drop in performance during use. LED charge displays allow users to monitor how much power they have as they work. And they are engineered for long service life — these batteries can be charged hundreds of times without any noticeable loss in capacity. Like all STIHL batteries, they feature an onboard circuit board to monitor voltage and temperature, helping deliver optimal operation and tool safety.

Additional standard STIHL Battery Line product features:

  • Recharge in as few as 35 minutes with the STIHL AL 500 high-speed charger
  • Zero exhaust emissions offering users an environmentally responsible option to meet their needs
  • No gas or oil fuel to mix, reducing dependence on fossil fuels and eliminating the cost of fuel
  • Quick and easy swaps between battery-powered products
  • No battery memory limitation, no gradual drop in power — high performance; runs at full speed until battery is depleted

The STIHL AP 100 Lithium-Ion battery's manufacturer suggested retail price is $99.95. The STIHL AP 300 lithium-Ion battery's manufacturer suggested retail price is $159.95.

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