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On product quality: Kubota continues to focus on product quality through Kaizan continuous improvement in all manufacturing processes.

On parts availability: Kubota Tractor Corp. (KTC) opened a state- of-the-art parts distribution center in Edgerton, Kan., with 765,000 square feet of warehouse space, which will serve as the primary distribution hub for Kubota parts and wholegoods distribution across the U.S. and Canada.

On parts quality: At Kubota, focus on product quality and availability are a top priority. Kubota has continued to expand the parts group by adding approximately 100 new positions to support growing demand for Kubota parts.

On product technical support: Kubota has invested over $1 million in technology to bolster technical and product support for dealers. This new system is called “Right Now” and allows dealers to add information regarding service cases and obtain tips and solutions from other dealers.

On responsiveness to the dealer: KTC has four dealer advisory boards, a National Dealer Advisory Board, three Product Advisory Boards (agricultural products, construction products and turf products), and a Product Support Advisory Board. Kubota believes that dealer input and participation of important initiatives is paramount to the continued success of the Kubota brand in the U.S.

On recent significant changes: Kubota has added Product Specialists to support Dealers expansion into new product segments such as hay, big Ag, construction, and turf segments. Kubota believes that this sales support will ensure Dealers success in the new product segments.

On initiatives for the coming year: Kubota is partnering with the major dealer business systems to develop interfaces making it easier to do business with Kubota and to springboard the launch of a new e-commerce strategy for dealers.


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