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On product quality: Walker Manufacturing Co. continues to strive for excellence in our product and business practices. We are investing in design and manufacturing processes and are working closely with our vendors to provide best-in-class components to continuously improve the quality and value of the product.

On parts availability: Walker's two-step distribution model provides regional parts inventory to better support the dealer. In addition, Walker will expedite components direct from the factory to the dealer when necessary. 

On parts quality: Aligns with our overall goal to manufacture and source components with excellence. 

On product technical support: Walker continues to develop and produce both digital and paper content to help dealers quickly troubleshoot and service the Walker Mower. In addition to these resources, hands-on, recurring technical trainings are held regionally, and both the factory and distributors have technical service personnel available for support.

On responsiveness to dealer: Our opportunity to design and manufacture the Walker Mower is dependent on each Walker dealer selling and servicing the product. We have relationships with our dealers and we listen to issues or challenges they are having. We believe that every inquiry deserves to be acknowledged and answered to the best of our ability.

On recent significant changes: Since 2013, Walker has offered Out Front Advantage Sales Training at the factory in Fort Collins, Colo. Over 500 dealer representatives have attended the 2-day course and the results have been beneficial for the entire Walker program.

On initiatives for the coming year: We plan to offer Out Front Advantage Sales Training in 2017 and we are streamlining our dealer ad development and placement process to help dealers efficiently market the Walker Mower and their dealerships.


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