MORRIS, Ct. — The multifunctional BigToolRack can attach to many different off-road vehicles, ATVs, tractors and mowers. The new racks have a rotomolded plastic body and powder-coated metal upright, with the same attaching parts as the original BigToolRack and much more.

BigToolRack has many unique features: large cargo area; universal tool holders for rakes, shovels, axes, etc.; long lumber/fence post carrier; weed trimmer carrier; garden hose/extension cord carrier; and chainsaw carrier. Certain models offer a counter weight option and trailer hitch feature.

"The real beauty is you can outfit your BigToolRack the way you want it to fit your needs. My system can be attached to your tractor with a 1 1/4 inch, 2-inch receiver or the heavy duty  3-point hitch. This rack has many uses. I spent a lot of time developing BigToolRack to make your life easier and more productive," says Tim Descoteaux, President, BigToolRack.