Perhaps nothing stops us in tracks like the fear of failure. There are many reasons not to try something new, ranging from perfectionism to lack of self-confidence. However, whether you fail is all in how you view the outcome, according to a story on

In case that advice is not the motivation you need, here are 5 simple solutions to face and end your fear of failure.

1. Analyze all potential outcomes.

Fear of failure is often linked to the fear of the unknown. Consider all potential outcomes of a decision and it may make it easier to move forward.

2. Think more positively.

Stop sabotaging your efforts by thinking negatively when you could just as easily think more positively.

3. Look at the worse-case scenario.

Imagine the worst that can happen. Then, plan for what you would do after the fact. That colossal disaster may not be as bad as you think.

4. Have a contingency plan.

Make a plan — and then make a “Plan B.” You’ll be better prepared to adjust and turn a near failure into a success.

5. Set smaller goals.

It may seem out of reach to attain a major goal, but think about how you can reach smaller goals along the way. Then, all you have to achieve is the first step.

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