Fisher Barton, the leading producer of lawn mower blades worldwide, has introduced its new line of self-sharpening lawn mower blades: LaserEdge with EverSharp technology at the 2016 GIE+Expo. Engineered with end users in mind, LaserEdge EverSharp blades spare the hassle and downtime associated with dull mower blades.
LaserEdge is the first mower blade of its kind. Featuring Fisher Barton’s EverSharp advanced edge, the hardened steel blade actually sharpens itself while in use, eliminating the need to ever sharpen the blade. 
“Fisher Barton has consistently been focused on bringing innovative solutions to our customers and this is the most significant innovation to lawnmower blades since Fisher Barton’s introduction of Marbain,” says Andy Strupp, Vice President of Sales & Marketing, “LaserEdge EverSharp helps solve many of the issues that heavy users experience including frequent downtime due to blade sharpening and the ill-effects of cutting with dull mower blades.”
With less equipment downtime, and a consistent high-quality cut, LaserEdge blades deliver superior performance to more acres than ever before. LaserEdge is the “blade that cuts itself sharp.”
LaserEdge is available through Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) channels. Learn more at