c-Systems Software has partnered with Toro Co. to provide an interface to Toro’s EZ-Link 2.0 system, which will allow customers of Toro or Exmark and c-Systems to electronically file product registrations with Toro.

EZ-Link safely and seamlessly integrates to the c-Systems business management system, automating Toro’s product registration system for dealers.  When customer information is entered into the business system, EZ-Link will finish the registration process automati¬cally.

“Working together, we and Toro are adding functionality and automation to our dealers’ systems,” c-Systems president Steve Stinson said.

EZ-Link works in conjunction with business management software to automatically send Toro daily invoice and inventory data.

“By integrating EZ-Link into c-Systems Business Management Software we have created a winning situation for our mutual dealers,” Stinson said.

EZ-Link also automates promotion reimbursement claims by automatically entering the correct promotion code. This ensures that dealers never miss out on rebates for specified models.

Another benefit is that Toro will have real-time retail and field inventory information to help more accurately plan production and greatly reduce out-of-stock and back-order situations of key Toro models. In short, dealers have the product they need when they need it.