General Transmissions introduces the first variable-speed drives for battery-driven, consumer-grade walk-behind lawnmowers. The new drives enable electric lawnmower makers to offer automatic speed adjustment controls on self-propelled machines, so users can mow at their own pace. General Transmissions unveiled two new models of the drives at the 2016 GIE+EXPO industry trade gathering in Louisville, Ky.

The new models, marketed under the Element V Electric banner, make for a powerful way for manufacturers to upgrade their battery-powered lawnmower lines and meet consumer expectations for added convenience and ease of handling. General Transmissions splits the power distribution duties for ground speed and blade speed between two different, independently controlled electric motors. The drive motor controls ground speed, and lets users change mowing speed steplessly and on the fly. The dedicated blade motor delivers optimum blade speed.

Both models feature dual output shafts with integrated differential effect, eliminating vulnerable, free-wheel systems for lawnmower wheels.

Splitting the power duties between the two different motors also increases the overall operating efficiency and performance of the products, making more power available for mowing.

The new drives are available in two different power configurations. The ME 312 model is a 250-watt drive, and the ME 512 model is a 500-watt drive. Features common to both drives include dual automatic clutch, 0-470 RPM output speed capacity, and forward and reverse directional capabilities. The ME-312 can accommodate mower weights up to 30 kg, delivers 3 Nm of continuous torque, and is compatible with 36-volt power supplies. The more muscular ME 512 can handle up to 60 kg of mower weight, with 5 Nm of continuous torque. It also works with 36-volt, 56-volt and 72-volt power packs. Other voltage requirements can be addressed upon request as well.

Element V electric drives are virtually indestructible, maintenance-free, exhaustively tested and engineered to bring a new level of operating performance and user-delight to the battery-powered lawnmower market.