GREEN BAY, Wis. — Wolter Power Systems recently worked together with the American Red Cross, Stiegler Electric and Generac Industrial Power to ensure the supply and installation of a Generac emergency power generator at the American Red Cross facility in Green Bay, Wis. Wolter Power Systems, based in Brookfield, Wis., provides material handling solutions, power solutions and fleet management solutions. Stiegler is an electrical contractor in Green Bay.

The American Red Cross facility needed a new emergency generator solution to aid during power outages or disasters that could last for days or even months. Together, Wolter Power Systems, Generac and Stiegler electrical contractors worked to install a new Generac Industrial Power 50 kW diesel generator, one of the most reliable and powerful systems in the market today. The NEC and NFPA compliant Generac diesel system has two outputs; one for life safety and the other for emergency power. The system features a sound attenuation package, keeping the noise produced by the generator down to a minimum. Since the American Red Cross is surrounded by residential homes, keeping noise to a minimum was an important feature.

The switch over from the old system to the new Generac 50kW generator transitioned successfully. The life safety and backup power supply proved its speed and reliability during a critical situation simulation at just 6 seconds. Every month the new Generac system is tested to ensure its proper operation.