The Worksaver FLGR-4062 Compact Grapple is designed for compact tractors up to 40 horsepower that are equipped with a front loader. Ideal for loading logs, orchard prunings, raking and piling brush and other hard to handle materials, the FLGR-4062 is perfect for acreage owners who need to clear brush, load downed limbs, handle landscaping debris and handle other various loads. It offers the versatility of a large grapple, but in a smaller scale. This Compact Grapple is 60 inches wide with a single 34inch wide upper grapple that is controlled by a 2x8 hydraulic cylinder.

Features include a shield plate between the middle upper tines that protects the cylinder. The pivot points are equipped with lubricating capabilities. The lower tines are 15 inches apart to pick up brush and other debris, leaving the dirt on the ground. The tines are produced from 0.625 inch thick material to ensure durability of the grapple.

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