AGCO Corp. announces the introduction of AGCO Compare — an online service to make evaluating new competitive farm equipment easier for farmers, ranchers and rural consumers.

The new web tool, available on brand sites for AGCO products and at, allows users to compare AGCO products with up to three other competitive products at the same time, on a wide variety of product attributes.

The site includes a broad range of equipment types, including tractors, combines, planters, balers, sprayers and more.

AGCO Compare makes it easy for farmers to gather more information on the products they’re considering in a matter of minutes. Simple selection options and drop-down menus make it simple to select the AGCO product and other manufacturers’ products of their choice for comparison.

The competitive specifications available at AGCO Compare are as published by each equipment manufacturer and updated frequently to keep pace with new offerings in the marketplace.

Research shows today’s farmers will compare several brands during their purchase process, and AGCO Compare helps streamline information gathering. “As more farmers begin using the web to research their equipment purchases, we’ve focused on providing simple, easy-to-use tools for them to gather information,” said Tim Miller, manager, AGCO Academy. “By increasing the overall transparency throughout the decision-making process we help farmers make better decisions through better information – and at the same time show AGCO products are comparable and competitive to the other major brands in the industry.”

AGCO Compare is a tool that benefits both equipment buyers and dealers alike, because better information is good for all involved in the equipment buying process. Buyers feel more empowered, and dealers have a better idea of what their customers are interested in when they walk through the door.

Steve Koep, AGCO’s vice president of sales for North America, confirmed that trend. “We’re very interested in making it easy for farmers and our dealers to work together. Both of them desire a streamlined process where more information is on the table from the beginning. With all of the new products being introduced to the marketplace, it can be hard to make sure you’re comparing apples to apples in farm equipment. AGCO Compare helps make this easier for everyone involved.”

AGCO invites farmers to give AGCO Compare a try at or at the AGCO booth at upcoming farm shows.

For more information on AGCO Compare or any AGCO products, contact your dealer or visit