Bercomac, a family-owned business that manufactures accessories to equip tractors, introduced a new design for a broom attachment called the Berco broom. The attachment universally fits UTVs, ATVs and tractors and is pre-assembled at the factory. Once the initial installation is done, it can be hooked up in less than 5 minutes.

In the new design, the broom is closer to the vehicle for easier maneuverability and more ground clearance. When lifting the broom, the motor remains on the ground. Only the broom section is lifted, reducing the stress on the winch.

The Berco broom features an easily accessible control box to engage the broom electrically and comes with manual angling. Optional electric angling is also easily installed. It has the capability to clean, rake leaves, dethatch lawns and even remove snow. The broom is easy to clean and durable to make work for landscapers, business owners, groundskeepers, city workers and construction crews easier. It comes in two models, the 66-inch with an 11 horsepower Honda engine and the 60-inch model with a 7 horsepower Kohler engine.