John Deere announces the addition of two debris blowers and a series of loader-mounted rotary brooms to its lineup of Frontier products for landscape and property maintenance around the farm or homestead and for commercial and municipal applications. These implements provide greater versatility and power than handheld devices, allowing the operator to cover more area faster and with less manpower.

Frontier BL2130 Loader-Mounted Hydraulic Debris Blower

The Frontier Model BL1130 3-Point Hitch Debris Blower is designed for customers who need to move lighter debris such as leaves, clippings and straw on the ground or other surfaces. It is compatible with 25 hp and larger tractors with 3-point Category 1 and Category 2 hitches. The BL1130 Blower is driven by a 540 rpm power take-off that provides up to 141 mph maximum air velocity and 6,000 cubic ft. per minute air flow.

The Frontier Model BL2130 Loader-Mounted Hydraulic Debris Blower is powered by Frontier Power Packs and is compatible with John Deere 300 and 400 Series Loaders. It provides the same air velocity and air flow features as the rear-mounted BL1130 and both models of debris blowers feature a hand-adjustable discharge outlet to control the direction of the air flow and debris movement.

Frontier SW21 Series Loader-Mount Hydraulic Rotary Broom

The Frontier SW21 Series of Loader-Mount Hydraulic Rotary Brooms is ideal for sweeping snow, dirt and other debris from driveways, parking lots, sidewalks and other ground surfaces. The rotary brooms come in three widths - 60, 72 and 84 inches - and can be packaged with 300 or 400 Series Loaders. All three models of rotary broom feature a 32-inch diameter poly-bristle brush with operating speeds from 160 to 200 rpm, depending on the model. The angle of the brooms can be adjusted from 0 to 23 degrees left or right to windrow material from the surface.

The Frontier Rotary Brooms come with two optional features customers may find useful when operating the equipment. These include a dust suppression system with a 60-gallon water tank and spray nozzles positioned in front of the broom. The nozzles are controlled by a toggle switch and can be activated to reduce dust in certain conditions. A pair of gauge wheels also is available for each unit to more easily set the height of the broom.

"These new Frontier blowers and brooms are designed to be used with a wide variety of compact utility and utility tractors and for many different types of applications," says Tom Elliott, marketing manager for Frontier. "Their durable, heavy-duty construction provides years of use and allow operators to clear large surfaces more efficiently in less time and with less manpower."

For more information about the Frontier BL11 Series and BL21 Series Debris Blowers and the Frontier SW21 Series of Rotary Brooms, see your local John Deere dealer or visit