If there was an award for Extreme Lawn Mowing, Theunis Wessels would take home the prize, hands down. Wessels, of Three Hills, Alberta, has Canada Man Mowing in Tornadobecome an internet sensation, thanks to this photo of him mowing his lawn, despite a nearby tornado, shot by his wife Cecilia.

The story goes like this, according to an Associated Press report that recently appeared on Time.com:

"She said cutting the grass was on her husband's to-do list, and as he started the task, she went for a nap.

She was woken by daughter who was upset that there was something like a tornado in the sky, but her father wouldn't come inside.

'I did ask him if he was coming inside with that thing in the clouds when I turned to come inside and he calmly said no,' Cecilia Wessels said.

Theunis Wessels said the tornado was actually much farther away than it appears in the photo and it was moving away from them. He said he was keeping an eye on it.

No one was injured."

We're relieved that everyone stayed safe and congratulate Theunis on a great-looking lawn, but as the warning goes, "Don't try this at home!"