HAMILTON, Ohio — The first AGZA Green Zone park in the east was established in the town of Southampton, N.Y., in partnership with Quiet Communities and the American Green Zone Alliance (AGZA). Mean Green Mowers participated in the project. 

A certified AGZA Green Zone is an area of land, such as a park, hospital, or school campus, where routine maintenance is performed with zero emissions, low noise equipment and manual tools. Quiet Communities is working with AGZA to bring the Green Zone program to the eastern U.S. AGZA President Dan Mabe has helped create more than 25 certified Green Zones on the west coast. 

"On the west coast, we have proven that commercial sized properties can be maintained without gas-powered equipment at the same level of quality and at lower cost. We look forward to bringing these benefits to the east and other parts of the country," says Mabe.

Following its initial meeting with Quiet Communities and AGZA, the town's parks and recreation department participated in a demo last year with Mean Green Products to test out the company's electric powered equipment, including full-sized mowers. Since that time, the town has purchased a fleet of electric battery equipment.

Other towns on Long Island are starting to follow suit. Following Southampton's lead, the town of Huntington recently voted to create an AGZA Green Zone at Hecksher Park.