Little Wonder's Optimax Blower is available with a tool holder, parking brake and solid front wheel. The Optimax blower range, which includes eight self-propelled or push models, features an advanced impeller and aerodynamic design that results in 38% more air movement than competitive blowers. Air speeds range from 143-179 miles per hour.

The Optimax blowers’ advanced, all-steel impeller design and reverse-angled, seven-blade fan provide maximum airflow. Plus, the scrolled, aerodynamic air inlet maintains constant power and doesn’t clog if leaves are drawn in.

The split-stream air deflector on the 25 square inch discharge chute eliminates blow-back and moves debris in one pass. The deflector can be controlled at the operator’s handle for seamless adjustment while on the go. Discharge air can be directed to the front or side of the unit to efficiently move debris where it’s needed to prepare asphalt or flat roofs for resurfacing or clear yards in the fall.

Self-propelled Optimax blowers move as fast as 4.1 mph forward and 2.5 mph in reverse.

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