How To Sell Vol 2

Now is the time to sell more niche products that can boost revenues year-round.

This FREE eGuide, “How to Sell Volume 2,” will teach you the strategies that successful rural lifestyle dealers use to sell skid steers, sprayers and snow removal equipment! Adopt proven selling techniques to expand your business and build your brand!

Rural lifestyle dealers are always looking for ways to increase revenue and offer more for their customers. In this eGuide, Rural Lifestyle Dealer explores several avenues through which dealers can make this happen.

Many successful dealers have started selling new lines that include skid steers, sprayers and snow removal equipment. This has been a positive move for a number of dealerships, but it is important to know what you are getting into before making the decision to add lines. Our eGuide gives you the critical information you need to know before considering this option.

Targeting the Construction Segment

Learn from a dealer that has been targeting the construction segment for 45 years, with more than 90% of the dealership’s sales going to construction. A takeaway: In order to be successful selling construction skid steers in a rural lifestyle dealership, dealers MUST offer rentals.

The good part about offering rentals is that rentals can get sold later on as used machines. Although, in order to receive the benefits of selling skid steers, dealers should keep in mind these valuable pieces of advice…

  • Research how much construction is going on in the area.
  • Reach out to construction customers that don’t have time to come to the dealership.
  • Consider hiring an outside salesperson and in-field service technician (their services are very heavily used).
  • Make sure to provide top of the line service because operators lose money every minute the machine is down.

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Advantages of Selling Rental Skid Steers

There are quite a few advantages of renting skid steers. The question is whether or not these advantages are good enough for you and your dealership. This eGuide is designed to help dealers, like yourself, decide if selling skid steers is right for you. Advantages mentioned in this eGuide of skid steers …

  • Most machines get manufacturer discounts for being put in a rental fleet.
  • Rental income that comes off as they’re used, makes profit potential very high.
  • Rentals act as “paid demos.”
  • Rental equipment has shorter terms and can offset increased interest costs.
  • Skid steer sales fill the void when agriculture and lawn and garden business drops off between October and March.

There a two sides to every story. Though there are many benefits to offering rental skid steers at your dealership, there are also many downsides. This eGuide however, offers many ways in which dealers can avoid the disadvantages of selling rental skid steers, including additional staffing, potential liability and more.

Dealers just need to be aware of these disadvantages to ensure the success of adding on another line.

The Method to Selling Sprayers

Discover the traits of a professional and progressive dealership.

Another dealer shares their method for selling sprayers. Adding sprayers to your lineup can be a very good move for rural lifestyle dealerships because they can be sold to ranchers, vegetable producers, landscapers and large property owners. Also, sprayers keep customers coming back, leading to potential sales of higher ticket items.

This eGuide simplifies the tactics that successful dealers use. Selling tactics included…

  • Help novices select sprayers that are compatible with the equipment they already own.
  • Offer a large selection of inventory ahead of season.
  • Have extended knowledge regarding replacement parts and repairs. Keep sprayers stocked because they are an impulse item.
  • Research the types of sprayers that work well in your area.

The Task of Selling Snow Removal Equipment

Adding a new category of specialized equipment requires planning and preparation. This eGuide highlights the ways a rural lifestyle dealer can prepare before adding snow removal equipment…

  • Recognize the preferred method of snow removal in your area.
  • Match equipment inventory with snowfall.
  • Hire technicians willing to repair broken machines during cold weather and after hours.

Match Your Customers' Needs!

Selling any kind of equipment, especially specialty equipment, requires you to listen to your customers to understand what they need and want. Download this eGuide today and use it as your guide for understanding what products your customers’ need, when they need it most and how to integrate these products into your product mix TODAY.

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