BEATRICE, Neb. — Exmark recently introduced a spreader attachment for its Stand-On Aerator. The spreader attachment enables landscape professionals to offer over-seeding in conjunction with aeration programs. This versatility significantly increases the productivity and revenue generation potential of the machine.

Exmark Product Manager, Lloyd von Scheliha, said the spreader attachment is a way to further expand the utility of Exmark’s stand-on aerator. “The Exmark Aerator Spreader Attachment is a response to our customers’ requests asking for a way to increase the versatility and revenue opportunities of the highly productive Stand-on Aerator. By combining two important operations into one piece of equipment, operators will be able to do more in less time, leading to the increased profit potential of each program.”

Aeration creates the ideal soil conditions for seed germination. “Whether you over-seed while aerating, or immediately following aeration, the seed has more opportunities for increased soil contact that’s vital to successful germination,” Von Scheliha said.

With a hopper capable of carrying up to 80-pounds of seed, the spreader attachment makes quick work of large jobs. All controls are easy to access, giving the operator the ability to activate the spinner or adjust spinner speed to change the broadcast width. The operator can also easily open or close the seed gate, or adjust the gate stop. The attachment comes standard with a hopper cover to keep material dry and in the hopper during transport. A manual blocker door gives the operator increased control around flower beds and sidewalks.

The spreader attachment is simple to install on the Exmark Stand-On Aerator. Once installed, the spreader can be removed from the aerator without tools, typically in less than two minutes.

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