Many of you are investing in your retail spaces to help elevate the customer experience, encourage repeat visits and, of Sign-DONT-DO.jpgcourse, increase sales. Rural Lifestyle Dealer began working with Jennifer Robison of Robison Retail Results to help with the strategies you need, starting with the podcast, "Building Profits Through Retail." Robison is admired in the industry as an expert who delivers interesting and usable strategies in the areas of space planning, visual merchandising and sales.

Today, we’re kicking off our “Retail Rules” series where Robison will share tips to help you avoid making mistakes that may undermine your efforts.

Here is Robison’s Retail Rule #39: No taped signs (like the "Sale" sign above).

“Tape is for wrapping gifts, not for signs in your showroom. Use a sign holder instead. They are simple, clean and professional,” Robison says. (See the acrylic sign below.)

What else is wAcrylic signrong with the taped sign? Hint: Customers don’t want a math lesson.

Do you have a question related to your retail showroom? Email us and we'll pass it along to Robison and address in an upcoming Retail Rules post.