In case you've missed it, here's a roundup of our most read items on during the past month.

Top of the list for August was a Q&A item on the strangest requests you, as readers and dealers, have ever received.

Additional items that took the spotlight include the next chapter in the Measuring Up series and a piece on the rise and fall of Howse Implement

Top 10 Most Viewed Online Stories in August:

1. What is the Strangest Customer Request or Complaint You Have Ever Received?

2. Howse Implement’s Rise, Fall & Resurrection

3. Measuring Up, Chapter 4: Benchmarking Inventory and Asset Turns

4. Kelly Tractor: Making Trades a Strictly ‘Cash Deal’

5. What if Walmart Started Selling Compact Tractors?

6. If It’s Everyone’s Job, It’s No One’s Job

7. How To Manage Someone Who Thinks Everything Is Urgent

8. OPE Manufacturers Rise Above Other Segments

9. John Deere Updates 3-Cylinder 5E Series Utility Tractors

10. 3 Ideas for Hiring Good People


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