A new store is moving into the vacant A&P site near the corner of Chamberlain Road and Berkshire Valley Road in Jefferson Township in north New Jersey.

The new store will be able to anchor the site.

"After nearly 9 years, we finally have an occupant for the old A&P site," said Mayor Russell Felter. "The Tractor Supply Store will begin moving in on October 12, and their owners are determined to be up and running by the holiday season."

Tractor Supply Company is the largest retail farm-and-ranch store chain in the U.S. It sells a wide variety of lawn, garden and agricultural supplies, as well as outdoor power equipment, clothing and other related products. The store will take the bulk of the space, leaving about 9,000 square feet for offices of a as-yet unnamed bank.

It has been nearly 9 years since the A&P moved to its new and larger location across Chamberlain Road, and the site has been vacant since then. Efforts to bring in other businesses have failed due to rental costs and the concern that the community could not support those particular business models.

Felter said the Tractor Supply Company did research on Jefferson Township and feels it will be a perfect fit and do well here.

Finding a tenant for the old A&P site was part of ongoing redevelopment efforts geared to fill vacant commercial sites throughout Jefferson Township. "I think this new store will bring new people and new business to our community," Felter said. "I anticipate new businesses will fill other vacant sites. This store will definitely help already established local businesses, too."