The Little Wonder BRC-26 Hydro Brush Cutter features a hydrostatic drive with clutchless variable operating speeds as fast as 4.2 miles per hour driving forward and 1.7 miles per hour in reverse. The Brush Cutter tackles a variety of vegetation including weeds, heavy brush and dense vegetation, clearing about an acre of brush per hour. It effectively handles heavy, thick brush and trees up to 2 inches thick and 5 feet high.

The BRC-26 features solid rods to connect the transmission, park brake and blade clutch, eliminating the risk of branches getting tangled in and breaking the cables that are commonly used on competitive units. Operator comfort and safety components include a wraparound hand guard across the handlebars and front of the machine to shield the operator’s hands. In addition, five swinging 12-gauge steel deck plates line the front of the unit for better containment of debris.

A speed limiter dial allows the operator to set the maximum speed for the conditions while on the go. A parking break provides secured footing when parking on slopes and hills.

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